I am a third-year undergraduate at Imperial College London studying Biomedical Engineering. Throughout my time in secondary school and during this degree, I have always loved learning but also achieving results that reflect my ability. This combination has driven me to perform well, and I like to impart on my own experiences, knowledge and techniques to help others in reaching their full potential.

Teaching Experience

  • Maths, Physics and Chemistry at GCSE – A-level
  • Sciences & Maths at pre-GCSE and primary level

Approach to Tutoring

My ethos behind tutoring is to be an active support and a resource for the tutee to reach their own goals. We would discuss short-term and long-term goals and design a plan together that is best suited for them to reach them. I will use my own experience and knowledge to guide them, whether it be exam techniques, study techniques or understanding topic material.

When I was only recently studying for my A-levels at secondary school, I self taught the Mathematics A-level and Further Mathematics AS-level syllabus, and achieved the top grades in those examinations. The process of learning outside the classroom I found to be extremely rewarding, and I would like to aid others in finding their own learning style and assist my tutees in reaching their targets.

Achievements & Interests

  •  2017 – Best Year 2 Engineering Design Group Project Prize
  • 2016 – Engineering Dean’s List, Year 1, Imperial College London

Awarded for students in the top 10% of the year

  • 2015 – Present – Thermo Fisher Scholarship

STEM Scholarship awarded by Thermo Fisher Scientific on basis of demonstrating strong academic skills and commitment to community involvement.

  • 2014 – 2015 – Head Girl of School, Ysgol Dyffryn Taf

Elected as Head Girl, leading a Senior Prefect Team of 7 with responsibilities such as event organization, public presentations and chairing school council meetings.

Outside of my studies I enjoy social dancing such as Salsa and Bachata, and attend social classes weekly as well as leading the Salsa competitive team at Imperial College. Playing musical instruments is also another hobby with my favourite being tuned percussion, my instrument of choice in the various orchestras and ensembles I have been a part of.

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