I began tutoring after graduating from Imperial College London with my Geology degree, starting with GCSEs before also tutoring at AS/A-level and KS2 level. I’ve loved helping others to feel passion for their education as well as seeing their improvement in performance week on week. I am now starting a MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London and am looking forward to sharing even more knowledge with others.

Teaching Experience

  • Geology, Geography, Maths, Biology, Chemistry at IB Higher/A-level
  • Geology, Geography, Physics, English Maths, Biology, Chemistry at GCSE and pre-GCSE level
  • Key Stage 2 Maths

Approach to Tutoring

The first thing I do with a new tutee is learn about them, what they want from the tuition as well as set some preliminary goals. Then I make a detailed tutoring plan including the tutees strengths and areas for improvements in the form of lesson plans for each session. These are always discussed and made with the tutee so that they feel they are getting the support they need in the areas that they know they need it in. I think it is really important that the student understands the problem, not just what a mark scheme says but also appreciate that exam results are truly important so focus on practice exams and techniques for how to excel in these situations.

Achievements & Interests

  • January 2017 –  Presented MSci Thesis at VMSG Joint Meeting

Poster presentation of MSci thesis titled “Magma mixing in effusive flank eruptions at Popocatépetl volcano (Mexico): A chemical and textural study of pyroxenes” at the Volcanic and Magmatic Study Group conference held in Liverpool.

  • June 2016 – Athletics Club Committee Full Colours, Imperial College London

This was received ‘recognition of outstanding commitment, dedication and achievement’ while President of American Football Club.

  • 2008 – 2013 – Gold, Silver and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • 2003 – 2014 – Black belt in karate, former member of the England Karate “A-Squad” and qualified karate coach

In my spare time, I like to go to the gym, play American football as well as basketball. I also love to read ranging from the newest scientific papers being published to non-fiction about topics that interest me (volcanic studies, climate change mitigation, renewable energy, economics, space and politics) as well as fiction. I love to travel to new places, meet new people and experience new cultures.

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