Our services cover the full journey through education. They all share a focus on making efficient improvements that will enhance results, with a creative and enthusiastic approach that instills a passion for learning in our students. See the timeline below for how we can help.

Our tutors can help with the fundamentals that lay a crucial foundation to a child’s education. We also have specialists in SATs, 11+ and entry tests who help to maximise marks in these important early exams.
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This window of education is the perfect time to get ahead of the curve. Our pre-GCSE tuition aims to advance the skills that are requisite for success in future examinations.
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Our tutors are specialists in exam performance with excellent track records. We offer GCSE tuition  with a strong emphasis on the techniques that will improve results.
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As active academics in their chosen subjects, our tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide truly engaging tuition at this advanced level. They are experts in exam technique that will reinforce their tips and techniques for top results throughout.
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Beyond public examinations, we have expert consultants in the UK university admissions process. They can advise on university selection, and help produce a personal statement that fully reflects the student’s potential.
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Each of our Collegiate tutors is able to teach their own degree subject, bespoke to the detailed needs of any university student.
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Online Tutors

All of the above services are offered online to students outside of London. This is an increasingly popular service, and our tutors have taught international students from across the world, as well as across the U.K. learn more

Residential Tutors

We are able to send tutors abroad for flexible durations, with each arrangement tailored to best support the family and student. To arrange residential tuition, please enquire through our form, or contact us directly for a discussion: 020 3538 7146.


Collegiate Tutors are proud to offer competitive pricing for our services. We charge an equal rate of £50/hour for the majority of our services, which reflects a consistent level of expertise, knowledge and preparation for each. For more details, learn more