Our primary tutors cover ages 5+ and offer a range of services:

  • Core subject tuition in English, Maths, French, Science and Humanities
  • 7+/8+ entrance tuition for prep schools
  • 11+/13+ entrance exam tuition for secondary grammar schools

Core Subject Tuition

We provide classes designed to build on the child’s current education, bespoke to the targets of the student and parents. Our tutors can give support to students that require help advancing at the rate of their current syllabus, by revisiting the essential concepts and skills within each subject to ensure those skills keep developing. For gifted students that are requiring more challenge in their early education, we can also look forward and provide a head-start to more advanced topics.

7+/8+ Entrance (Year 2/Year 3)

We have tutors experienced in providing concise and uncomplicated tuition throughout the entrance exam process for UK preparatory schools. These schools provide a top quality education that can provide an important foundation to success at secondary school. Our team of consultants is also able to advise on school selection, to ensure you make the best decision for your child.

11+/13+ Entrance

Successful entrance to a secondary grammar school can put your child on a fast-track path to good results in future public examinations. For important exams at such an early stage of education, we appreciate the importance of a good performance in these exams. Our tutors cover all of the methods in a structured approach, making the whole process less daunting and giving you the ease of mind that your child has been given the best possible chance of success.


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