University Admissions

University selection and entry is an important time that will shape a student’s future. Our consultants are able to guide throughout the process:

  • Advisory sessions on university and course selection
  • UCAS support
  • Personal statement tuition
  • Entry exam support (BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT, HPAT, MCAT, MAT, STEP, LNAT, TSA)
  • Interview skills and mock interviews, including Oxbridge

University Selection

Our consultants have a detailed understanding of courses, entry requirements, admissions tests and rankings, and can help you decide the correct university. A knowledge of student experiences through our tutors’ network means we are also able to advise on what a university can offer beyond its academic contact time. Through this support, we are confident in helping you make the correct university selections for your unique requirements.

UCAS & Personal Statement Support

We have young, up-to-date consultants that have themselves accessed the top universities through successful applications. We can advise throughout the UCAS application process, and have tutors that can help construct personal statements of the highest quality, which will importantly reflect the student’s full potential. Many universities view the personal statement to be equally as important as examination results, so an excellent personal statement is a priority in these sessions.

Entry Exams & Interview Preparation

Across our range of tutors, we have the full range of entry tests covered through their successful personal experiences. We also have tutors from Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College & UCL that have inside knowledge of the admissions process. This makes them excellent consultants to the respective admissions processes both at these universities, and elsewhere across the U.K. Oxbridge interview preparation is a popular service that we provide to give students the best possible chance at a successful application.


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